Our Story

Hey You!

We are Lujiao and Zhenni.

We enjoyed the blossom, we laughed, we talked about journaling, entrepreneurship, personal development, and covid19.
Lujiao on the left, Zhenni right

We started Frejac (pronounced as frey-yak) with a simple idea: to focus on helping individuals and groups implement personal growth and development.

We believe that like any other skills, we can train our minds to be content, present, and more aware of all experiences we have. 

And there's so much out there in the personal development world, but what actually gives you peace of mind? How can you immediately change your life for the better?

Our Pregnancy Journal

We created our first project to help pregnant women and their partners create stronger relationships through practical, guided journaling.
Writing a diary together keeps your relationship healthy and bond tight together as parents-to-be.
This meaningful habit also allows expecting moms and dads to create memories, stories, albums to share with the baby in the future, and cherish the pregnancy forever.
The Our Pregnancy Journal is built to:
  • Give the mom-to-be space and structure to process her transformational journey.
  • Give the mom-to-be a way to remember her entire journey, not just moments of it.
  • Involve the dads so that they don't feel left out.
  • Involve the dads so that the moms-to-be don't feel alone.
  • Help the couple navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy to come out even stronger.
  • Help the couple learn to communicate better - skills they can use forever. 
This guided pregnancy journal encourages couples to stay positive and connected during the 10-month journey. Writing a diary together keeps your relationship healthy and bond tight together as parents. This meaningful gift also allows expecting moms to create memories/stories/albums to share with the baby in the future.

Our Pregnancy: A Mindful Journal For Couples

By joining us, you've taken your first step towards a happier, healthier life and pregnancy.

Doing a Daily Journal of Your Pregnancy Can:

✔ Help cure the "pregnancy blues."

✔ Keep you and your partner open and talking.

✔ Become a fun activity.

✔ Help you remember this journey, and not forget how special it was.

We'll do our best to help and support you as you develop the life-changing habit of journaling in different phases of your life.