Our Story

Hey You!

We are Zhenni and Lujiao.

Zhenni on the left, Lujiao right


We started Frejac (pronounced as frey-yak) with a simple idea: to inspire more and more professional/ambitious females to grow with joy and fulfillment through practical tools and networks.

In contrast to the conventional way of personal development with never-ending achievements measured from others’ standards. We want to build a community where ambitious females can find ways to develop ideas and goals that come from within.

What We Believe

We believe that like any other skill, we can train our minds to be content, present, and more aware of all experiences we have. There are so many excellent resources out there in the personal development world, but where can you start to implement them in your life?

We thrive to distill the technology behind mindfulness into evidence-based practices and a dynamic community for you to find your unique path to fulfilled achievements with ease.

Why Our Pregnancy

As more females choose to enter parenthood later in their lives and are accompanied by stress from the career world, the transition to parenthood becomes more challenging than usual. We launched the all-in-one mindful journal in the summer of 2020 to help pregnant women and their partners create stronger relationships through practical, guided journaling.

We thrive to distill the technology behind mindfulness into evidence-based practices and a dynamic community for you to find your unique path to fulfilled achievements with ease. 

Entering parenthood is a transformational journey and pregnancy is a unique chance to properly prepare for that. It is a great opportunity for parents-to-be to cherish their couple’s life as much as they can, to thrive in pregnancy together as a strong foundation for the upcoming family life. 

Motherhood is an important journey in females’ lives. We want you to shine with your inner-strength and remain the ambitious and joyful woman with all your choices.

The Our Pregnancy Journal is built to:
  • Give the mom-to-be and space and structure to process her transformational journey.
  • Keep both of the parents-to-be present of the process physically and mentally.
  • Help the couple navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy through better communication - skills they can use forever. 
This guided pregnancy journal encourages couples to stay positive and connected during the 10-month journey. Writing a diary together keeps your relationship healthy and bond tight together as parents. This meaningful gift also allows expecting moms to create memories/stories/albums to share with the baby in the future.

Our Pregnancy: A Mindful Journal For Couples

Writing a diary together keeps your relationship healthy and bonds tight together as parents-to-be.

This meaningful habit also allows expecting moms and dads to create memories, stories, albums to share with the baby in the future and cherish the pregnancy forever.

Doing a Daily Journal during Pregnancy Can:

✔ Manage stress, pain, mood swings, and sleep issues related to pregnancy better.

✔ Keep you and your partner open and talking.

✔ Establish an “Our Time” boundary that enhances your relationship and future roles as parents.

✔ Create and live a unique and meaningful journey that prepares you for family life.

What's Next?

We are working intensively to develop more evidence-based tools and services to support your journey to develop from within with your flow.

At the same time, we are on the way to build communities with you and for you. We just launched our first community for mindful pregnancy with inspiring live experts and coach sessions to come. Click here to learn more.

Please reach out if there is any particular area you should be included in the discussion for you and for us. We are in all ears!