I Never Thought A Journal Would Save Our Relationship

It was so difficult that we had to move away from each other. I felt lost, unattractive, and I was super scared of what will happen after me giving birth. But I found journaling, and writing helped me to make sense of what I feel and how to address my emotions when I was not feeling my best.

I didn't believe I could ever have the relationship I dream of but I kept journaling EVERY SINGLE DAY. We became so much better in understanding each other, lifting each other with precious moments every day, and most importantly, we started to respect and trust us again.

Black and white photo with two hands holding each other on top on a wooden frame.

The rate of the decline in relationship satisfaction is twice as steep for couples after kids. I didn't want to be in a relationship where we are just miserable together so I took action and make a change. You don't have to either!

There is no rocket science to a loving relationship. It is all about the will to understand each other and wake up every morning to decide to treasure each other. Journaling helps us to train our mental muscle to be present to the great things in your relationship and to address our emotions selflessly. It's your turn to make that decision during pregnancy even in times when it seems impossible.

You are ULTIMATELY the person who decides how you will feel, and what kind of relationship you will have. The little efforts you put in daily make you the woman you want to become. Be the master of yourself and your relationship.