Happiness Is Homemade

A happy girl smiling with her arms open standing in front of a beautiful tree
We believe that the quality of our relationship determines the quality of our life. A truly magnificent life on our term is created deliberately daily within our intimate circle.

We also believe that like any success, there are a set of rules and formulas we can apply to reach our ideal way of living. Passionate about decoding those rules to tangible practice, we created the mindful journal for couples during pregnancy.
A happy couple celebrate
Pregnancy is so much more about the healthy baby or bad moods. It is one of a kind opportunity to kickstart a great fresh chapter of our life. To foster a deeper bond with our partner, to become the better self for those we love, and to ultimately live to the dream of our life.
The formula to our potential lies in our minds. By being aware of our limiting beliefs and addressing our challenging emotions trains us day by day to become the partner and the mom we want to become.
We created the pregnancy journal for both of the parent-to-be because we know that although daily self-care can be unglamorous at times, we can motivate and celebrate each other to live the best version of ourselves for the whole pregnancy journey.

Treasure this opportunity to develop new habits, to grow together mindfully, and to bond together with the baby even more!