Digital Detox Challenge

Health Issues of Digital Dependence

You probably are not surprised to read that research finds more of us have experienced those symptoms of digital addiction since the pandemic.

  • Procrastination and low productivity   

  • More stiffness in joint and bones

  • More prone to stress and moodiness due to shallower breathing

  • Fatigue, tiredness, and change in weight from exposure to non-ionizing radiation

  • Feeling of loneliness and lack of emotional support

  • Low quality sleep and constant lack of energy

Are you prepared for this coming movement? 

This crisis that we have been going through, everyone can see the seeds of recovery. But...

  • We are moving to an age of integration digitally but separation physically
  • We are moving to a time of connection online but isolation in real life

And now's the time to really make sure that everything around you from your physical environment, to your mindset, to your relationship with yourself and others, and to your own personal health is all collectively, ready for the new beginning that's coming. 

Spring is here so we created this digital detox challenge to declutter our minds and we think you can also benefit from this journey.

You are a reflection of your daily routine

Despite it being only over a year since the pandemic hit, a lot of restrictions have forced us to change the way we live our lives. Even those small things we took for granted became a luxury. 

The difference in how you feel lies in if you are listening to how your body feels and make changes in your routine accordingly. Digital dependency surely impacts us negatively and individually.

It really is those small things in what we do in our free time that create the momentum in life and make a difference! 

With the five day challenge, you get a chance to:

  • Reflect on what’s currently not serving you in your routine
  • Kickstart your detox journey with simple yet effective change
  • Learn methods to deal with drawbacks
  • Implement your new routine for a healthier balance with screens

Imagine an everyday life with...

Less Procrastination
Reward yourself with greater focus and a heightened level of discipline so you can make better decisions without the screen distraction. When you are in flow faster, it is easier for you to scope out new ways with work and private life as well.

Better Sleep
How can you wake up feeling rested and relaxed? Learn how you can improve your energy throughout your day by listening to your body, fall asleep and wake up naturally, content without screens

More Quality Time

Gain clarity on what's really matter to your well-being with a customised detox routine for a life that excites you, inspires you, and fulfils you at home. You make it so that the screens will serve to improve your private life.

This Challenge is for you if you are:

  • A working mom who wants to set up a healthy life balance that allows for self-care
  • A mom-to-be who wants to establish healthy life habits before the baby arrives 
  • A busy professional who struggles to detach from work and the digital world
  • A stay at home mom who has has a hard time getting the most out of the little free-time they have 
  • An ambitious student who feels they are constantly online for school and leisure and wants to learn what they can do to decrease their screen time 
  • A modern day woman who finds herself constantly online, and wants to restore a healthy relationship with technology

Frequently asked questions

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