Sorry, But There’s No Trick To Fix Your Cravings

White plate with fork and knife on the pink background. A sad smiley on the plate. Eating disorder, pregnancy cravings due to emotional hunger instead of physical hunger. Eating not due to joy

STOP wasting your time trying all those tricks to stop cravings.

Have they ever been able to fix your cravings for good?

If you are still reading, I guess you know the answer.

The reason that no tricks are gonna fix your cravings is that they are all distractions. They just treat the symptoms, not the root causes.

Most people eat when they are emotionally hungry.

When it comes suddenly and you crave specific foods but snacking never makes you feel better because you are hungry for something else.

So what is at the root of our craving? Are we stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, bored, or in need of a quick escape?

Ultimately, cravings are a signal. It’s a signal that something is bothering us.

The broccoli question is a simple test to see if you are really hungry.

A bowl of broccoli

Is that it?

Well, read on

You might love broccoli, but most likely you are not physically hungry when you crave for something, so if you are not so hungry that you will eat some broccoli now, it’s more likely you are rather emotionally hungry.

The first step to overcoming emotional eating is being aware of it.

So what you need to do is to answer those following questions:

What is really bothering me?

Why am I not doing anything about it?

And there is more,

Instead of choosing to go into a “food trance” which suppresses those bothersome feelings, you will need to find out your way to address them.

Now answer those following questions:

What I can do about those emotions?

What is the smallest action I can take right now to change that?

Unless we treat the root of our emotional hunger, the urges to stuff ourselves will not go away.

You might find ourselves completely clueless if those questions have never occurred to us. Try to be specific about what is bothering us,

For example, I feel anxious because of X; I’m so bored because of Y.

Be as specific as possible in reflecting on the emotions that bothering us and be creative in coming up with things we can do to replace snacking.

This is not a trick to stop our cravings, rather it is a habit we need to establish to address the root cause of our cravings.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Like building any new habit, consistency is key. Starting to write down your reflections whenever you crave for something develop the awareness and makes it easier for you to keep yourself accountable. 

A woman happily eating a red fruit

Ultimately you want to eat whatever we desire because it gives us joy and it nourishes us, isn’t it? 


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