Set Up Your Health Routines Now – While Baby Is Still In The Womb


Pregnant woman meditating


As you embrace pregnancy and transition to parenthood, it is essential to find habits and practices that will help you to take better care of yourself and set healthy boundaries for yourself during and after pregnancy.

Benefits of developing a good routine

How many of your daily routines do you think will help you grow and feel good in the long term?

There are many ways to approach a healthy morning routine. These include mediation, affirmations, visualization exercises, reading, and scribing. All of these can help transform you into the person you desire to be.

You'll never run out of self-care items on your to-do list. So now is the time to carve out that non-negotiable time and space for yourself now to make sure you can do all those things when your baby arrives.

  • Set up healthy routines is a positive way to satisfy your essential basic needs to feel certain when many things around us are not in our control
  • Daily routines are dedicated time to yourself. It builds a healthy boundary for yourself where you learn to nourish yourself, an incredibly important skill to have as a mom-to-be. 
  • Healthy routines increase your energy level in the long term because you sleep better, moving more, and trained to have more positive thoughts.

Step 1: Pick morning routines that support your wellbeing

  • Find your natural sleep rhythm

Find your natural sleep rhythm is important.

Pick a day when you don't need to wake up at a particular time.

Ask yourself: "Around what time does my body wake up and feel tired?"

  • Eliminate negative thoughts

Keep a note of negative thoughts in your head, write down the opposite of that and read it to yourself a few times during the day.

You can write down in sticky notes and put it somewhere you will see every day. I use a sticky note app on my screen that shows important messages to myself.

Check out our Affirmation Board for inspiration of positive statements you can reinforce in your mind.

  • Growing through learning

Find a channel where you can get inspired or learn something about pregnancy and parenthood and read or listen to it 30 mins a day.

Pinterest is a great tool for organizing all of the resources you find. Check out our boards for a good place to get started with your research.

  • Meditation/reflection

Find time when you can just be yourself quietly. You can do mediation when you are walking, doing dishes, or making up!

  • Exercise

Even a walk can improve circulation and help reduce nighttime leg cramps. Active women tend to sleep more soundly than couch potatoes. Squeeze more kegels into your yay makes your labor easier and helps you recover from it faster.

Are you worried about pregnancy weight gain?

Check out the belly only pregnancy to find your ways for a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

  • Journaling

Start to record your milestones, symptoms, and questions in a journal or memory book. Keep a note of how your eating and daily regimen impact your emotions and sleep.

Pregnant woman standing holding her belly with a smile

Step 2: Self-care evening routine

A good evening routine is even more important for pregnant women. Hormone changes and physical reactions make getting one night sound sleep the luxury.

  • Give yourself some treat

There are so many small ways you can treat yourself. It can be as easy as get yourself a shoulder massage or having your hair gently brushed.

  • Keep a notebook on the night table

Try a gratitude journal and write down all your worries before you sleep. Being grateful wires your brain to feel safe, and physically writing down your worries also calms your nerve system.

  • Unwind

Try a caffeine-free hot drink around two hours before bed, then avoid any other fluids to help reduce the need to go. Put your electronic devices away and fade to black.

My personal routine that helps me sleep starts 1 hour before bedtime:

- My body feels tired around 11 pm. So I plan to start my "downtime routine" at 10 pm.

- At 10 pm I dim all lights.

- At 10 pm I silence my phone and turn it upside down.

- At 10 pm I start doing my skincare routine right before bed.

  • Breath, breath, and breath

It is an often neglected powerful practice. Practice some deep breathing with your hands cupped over your belly and imagine your baby sleeping inside you. Go through the motions of relaxing each muscle in your body, from your feet up to your forehead.

Woman sitting with book lying next to her

Step 3: Make your pregnancy routines you're non-negotiable 

It's not real until you schedule it

Ask yourself why you must commit to healthy routines and what you will be missing if you don't commit yourself to stick to it.

  1. Pick the routines that know you absolutely must adopt.
  2. Start with the smallest action you can commit to.
  3. Set your mind to have fun and enjoy the time you reserve for yourself. You learn the most when you have fun!
  4. Your routine is unique like your pregnancy journal, be flexible and adjust to make the process enjoyable.
  5. Set reminders to your phone to help remember when to do each activity. 

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Don't forget that the important thing is to try your best and to do what feels right for you and the baby.

If you have a day when you don’t do everything you wanted, it’s ok!

Don't let perfectionism hinder your joyful pregnancy experience. And it's up to you to make that path beautiful.