Parenthood Checklist - Are You Ready To Become A Parent?

A pregnant family with their kid standing in front of a blackboard. On the blackboard the year when they are born are written with arrows pointing to them. The mom in the picture is currently pregnant with an arrow pointing at her belly with 2018.

Photo by Laercio Cavalcanti on Unsplash

Most people think that pregnancy is a 9-month process that starts starts with conception. 

Truth is, most couple who plan on becoming pregnant should start working on things well ahead of time. 

Pregnancy is one of the most special times of life and yet it often ends up being a difficult experience for many people. It can add significant stress to a relationship, make both you and your partner feel isolated, and generally feel overwhelming.

That's why we created the Our Pregnancy journal. 

It's based on a process that you can start using BEFORE pregnancy actually starts. 

It's design for you and your partner to work individually and together to create a better relationship

We've put together a list of pre-pregnancy activities you can start from now in order to set the tone and take the right first steps together....

A woman writing journal on a kitchen table

Do you nurture yourself with these pre-pregnancy activities? 

  • I exercise regularly 
  • I drink enough water
  • I actively listen to my body
  • I sleep over 6,5 hours/night 
  • I have an evening relaxing routine 
  • I practice positive affirmations and mantras
  • I practice "can't change it, let it go" mentality
  • I keep a mindfulness journal (food, emotion, gratitude)
  • I practice mindfulness activities (meditation, reading, breathing, walking) 
  • I choose healthy beverages (caffeine-free, low in sugar and alcohol) 

Are you ready together as a couple?

  • We ask for help if we need it
  • We talk about sexual intimacy 
  • We discuss future baby duties 
  • We take the lead to act on our best 
  • We make our environment clean and tidy
  • We keep each other accountable to our goals
  • We schedule the off-screen time with couple activities
  • We set common short-term and long-term goals and vision 
  • We see a financial advisor and map out a financial plan for the family
  • We do mindful activities together (meditation, reading, breathing exercises, walking etc.)

If you aren't satisfied with your preparation for parenthood currently, what are you going to do?

Well... Life is busy with a lot of priorities. When you decide to bring a life into your world, there are many must-changes you can't avoid if you don't want to end up regretting your choice.

But change is hard, you say. 

Yes, it is. Change is uncomfortable and most of us don't like to be uncomfortable. Especially when you are feeling very uncomfortable during pregnancy, change becomes even more challenging.

That being said, the smart choice is to start this transformational journey before you are pregnant.

How do you commit to the right routines throughout the whole pregnancy?

The answer starts with a mindset shift.

An old couple in classic black outfit smiling to the camera with confidence and grace

Commitment isn't a feeling. And it's not an emotion. It's a choice.

And it's not about being perfect every day. It's about practicing sticking with it while being less than perfect. 

Simply write down the first area you would want to change and start from there.

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