Inspiring Tips for Active Females: How to Energise Your Mornings During Stressful Times

Jade roll for selfcare
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This last year has been challenging for all of us and it has had an impact on our lives in many different ways. One of the things that I really understood during this particular time is the importance of having and keeping a self care routine.

The benefits of a healthy self care routine are many, however you might have to find your best balance between what works and what doesn't for you.

I have been trying to find a good way to start my day and cope with the stress and the constant lack of energy due to the new lifestyle due to the Pandemic. With some experiments and hiccups I have finally upgraded a new routine in the last year, which i'm going to share with you today!

Upon Waking Up

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For many the morning is the best and more productive time of the day, despite that it is not the case for me...

This is one of the very first things I do when I wake up:

  • Drink a glass of water to hydrate my body after a night of sleep.
  • Stand up, out of bed and stretch my legs, arms and neck...I usually feel my muscles are quite numb after I wake up.

This is very relaxing and it helps my body to wake up and be more active.

Time for Morning Movement

yoga in morning routine to energize yourself during difficult times
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Doing some workout in the morning is a great way to boost your energy!

If you are a fan of Yoga, as I am, I suggest you try practicing a relaxing yoga called Yin Yoga in which movements are slower and it's also a form of meditation and stretching.(Tip: Intro to Yin - Yin Yoga )

It is so effective and refreshing that I feel much more energetic and in a good mood.

Breaking Your Fast (Breakfast)

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I am Italian and I am a huge coffee lover. One of the first things I do is to make myself a cup of espresso to give me a kick of energy.

However before that, I try to drink another glass of warm water, with some fresh lemon juice. It aids with hydration and its source of vitamin C. (And if you are planning to quit coffee, this is a great alternative to try. Tip: 7 Ways Your Body Benefits from Lemon Water)

This is what I usually eat for breakfast: I usually eat oatmeal with different ingredient such as: 

  • fresh or frozen fruits (for example strawberry, blueberry  raspberry, grapes or peach)  
  • almonds or hazelnuts to get healthy fat
  • a spoon of peanut butter to add good protein.

There are many recipes for oatmeal and you can be very creative with it! (Tip: check out some recipes here: Overnight Oats 3 Ways | Easy + Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Waking Up Your Skin

Jade faical massage and skin mask on a white marble surface
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Now it is time for beauty: I feel like my days have not officially started if I don't make sure to go through my skin care routine! 

I chose a skin care which is good for my skin type, however you really have to find the right products which are good for your skin.

This is how I do my morning skin care:

  • First I clean my face with a soft facial cleanser
  • I take my jade skin roller and I make it cold under cold water 
  • I  massage my cheeks, forehead and neck using a jade skin roller. This tool is  amazing to get a perfect face massage and reduce puffiness in your face, especially those unwanted bags under your eyes! (TIP: How To Use A Jade Roller | Everything You Need To Know About Jade Rollers)
  • I apply facial cream: never forget to moisturize your skin! 
  • Finally I apply my favourite make up: You can apply yours. :)

If you think this would be useful and you are planning to establish a new self care morning routine but you don't know where to start, Frejac has the perfect tool for helping you in that! 

Our Pregnancy: A Mindful Journal For Couples is our product that focus on a joyful transition to parenthood through reflecting on your emotions, building on your relationship, and developing empowering habits.

Are you ready to start a new life routine and feel more energy and joy? 

I would also love to hear from you, leave a comment with your experience and knowledge is very valuable and I want to learn from you too! 

-Clara Robiolio From Frejac