How to Remain Sane in This Digital World at Home


Easy way to stay sane and have fun in the digital world

Do you often feel like you don't know what to do at home if you are not on your cell phone?

Have you noticed you are not feeling well after spending a lot of time on the screen?

Combined with the sedentary lifestyles a lot of us have, available evidence suggests that increased screen time makes it easier to develop health issues such as obesity, sleep disorder, and depression.

The new time calls for more discussion in how we cope with challenging emotions and an increase in awareness in breaking the autopilot life dominated with screens. In this part two post of the Work, Wellness, and Fun Series, Isabel and Clara from our social media team share with us in this post how they balance the stressful life of many elements during the pandemic.

It is really easy to develop the habit of using social media and online videos to distract from boredom, stress, or anxiety when our social media feeds are customised to our preferences through algorithms. 


What challenges do you face navigate between school, work, wellness, and fun? What're your learnings and reflections from that?


I tempt to prioritise work over private life because it seems more urgent especially when it’s a busy week, however, I just try to keep in contact with family and friends by just sending them a message and letting them know I am always for them even if I am busy. About self-care I always try to get enough sleep, eat healthily and work out, sometimes I renounce staying up late even on the weekend for the sake of getting more sleep hours: my body doesn’t function well if it doesn’t get enough sleep!


In a world where school and work are both remote, I feel like I am constantly on my computer in the same place in my apartment. This makes it hard for me to differentiate my free time and relaxation space, and my work time and workspace. I feel like the line between free time and work gets blurred since it's hard to separate the two since they're both happening in the same place. 


Wellbeing and work fun balance

All of us were thrown into this homebound lifestyle last spring without any precaution. All of a sudden we felt lost without all the external stimulations and many of us realised we didn't know how to take care of ourselves at home. Tell us about your thoughts regarding establishing a self-care routine at this special time.


What I think regarding establishing a self-care routine that is very important and personal: everyone should find some time during the day to take care and treat themselves.

I know it is hard with all the daily tasks we have to accomplish, but at the same time, I am sure that we are more likely to find time to scroll on social media than take a moment to rest! So it is possible to have a self-care routine, the only way to find is by understanding what benefits we want from it!


I don’t think there is a one-fits-all routine for self-care that will apply in every situation and every day, which is why I think it's more important to adopt different self-care practices, that you can implement when you feel are necessary. 

Can you share with us your self-care routine and something of pure fun one can do at home during lockdown to change your energy?


I like to take time for myself: I love doing my skincare routine and face massage in the morning, with calmness: it really helps me to relax and sets me in a better mood, I always feel more fresh and ready to start my day after this routine.

Every day upon waking up, I drink a glass of water, stretch, make coffee, and have breakfast calmly trying to avoid watching my phone. 


For self-care, I focus on doing things that make me feel good. I am really into working out and yoga and have found these to be helpful when I need to de-stress. I also like to have me-time where I light some candles, read a book, and have some of my favorite foods. I also have a diary that I write in from time to time, to reflect on how I am feeling and let everything out. Apart from that, I also like to spend time with my friends and family as they always know how to make me smile, and feel better no matter what.

One thing someone can do for pure joy at home during lockdown has an online gaming session or party with your friends. Recently, some school friends and I used this website called, where you can video call with a group of people whilst playing games with each other that are built into the site. We had a lot of fun and it was a great way to do something fun, but with friends, despite the lockdown. I truly recommend this because nowadays it's hard to socially interact with others, and it's important as humans that we do so. In my opinion, this is a great way to do so, and it requires low effort, and it's free!


You never know how resourceful you can be until you take the time to ask yourself: what is one of the smallest actions you can take to take care of yourself at home instead of spending a lot of time with your phone? Share with our community here.