How To Overcome The Anxiety Or Fear During This Pandemic

This Too Shall Pass. 

A green leave with heart shape showing how important it's to focus and get control in life

This is a very powerful and mindful indication translated from a Persian adage. There’s no doubt that consecutive mindful indications and proper positive affirmations can help us get back on track from any chaos, if we keep using it regularly and wisely.⁠⠀

To overcome the fear or anxiety, first, we must detect where it comes from, and not scratching just the surface, but the root.

I must admit I became a bit paranoid when I started to have a sore throat a couple of weeks ago. This went on for a few days and it resulted in increasing headaches, then it hit me and made me realize that my mind was out of control. I should take it back if I want to become better, not worse.

We all have the right to be panic or anxious about the unknown situation. It comes with the instinct that we fear of the unknowns. But it doesn’t amount to anything good if we get drown by the fear. Instead, we can do what we could to get to know it, in order to lower the fear. I got enormous help from friends and families, they sent me a lot of scientific articles to help me build up the proper knowledge about the virus.

A girl wearing yellow sitting in bed writing a mindful journal to overcome fear and anxiety during the covid19 pandemic.

Target and resolve the root cause using all the resources and knowledge we have around us.

I also did what I could in order not to let it convert to flu so I was trying very hard to take extra vitamins and drank a lot of hot water. To strengthen my immune system, I had a lot more yogurt, strawberries, ginger, paprika, chicken soup than before. Luckily it worked, after a few days, I was back in shape.⁠⠀

Meanwhile, my daily journaling habit played an important role here too. I wrote down and recorded my emotions, my thoughts, and my struggles. Then it became easier and obvious for me to see the alarm of a mindful crisis so that I can quickly reflect on how to get out of it. 

When I started to take back the control of my mind, there’s no room for anxiety or fear anymore. This creates deep healing! I know I can't calm the outbreak, so I stop trying. But I can calm myself. And if I can, YOU CAN!

If we know how to be joyful at this moment, we know how to be joyful forever. Let's take this as a new begging and hope that a better world will come.

countless puzzles with various colors fills the whole image. Our mind is like such puzzle at time, clueless and chaotic. Hand writing is a great tool to reduce stress and help to calm our mind


In case you haven’t heard, the simple act of hand-writing has shown to reduce stress and improve immune functions in many studies. Check out our article about the "Writing Cure" to learn more.