How to Achieve Goals, Do Good, and Have Fun at Home During COVID-19

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Spring is finally here! If being stuck at home has making it challenging for you in your life, now it's a good time to make some adjustments. 

We discussed with our newly-joined team members Clara and Isabel on how to stay ambitious and live a life with fulfilment and joy during not motivating times. Both living and studying in a foreign country and are passionate about female wellness, Clara and Isabel joined us recently to promote Frejac's Mindfulness Movement for the ambitious female to grow from within.

Let’s get to know about you a bit more. Tell us something that inspires you and how are you working towards your passion?

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 Isabel, American/Finnish, studying in Finland


I like to learn new things from new places and new people, and I feel that every time I try something new, meet someone new, or experience something new, I grow as a person. 

One inspiring quote that I have adopted as my life motto is, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” from Theodore Roosevelt. Try not to compare yourself to others when it comes to how far they have come in life. Focus on yourself, and on how you can be the best version of yourself, keeping into consideration your own personal life situation and journey. 

I try to maintain a good school, work, and personal life balance.  By doing so, I can focus not only on reaching my academic and career passions, but also my personal passions. However, I also keep my values in mind as I want to work for a business that is trying to achieve something for the greater good.  

Clara, Italian, studying in Sweden


Something that really excites me is traveling! Discovering new places, new cultures, languages and meeting new people is something I really love. But sometimes just having nice conversations with new and old friends makes me feel excited. I also like learning new things all the time, and have more knowledge. 

I am trying to work hard, and constantly, trying to learn something all the time, but also being able to find a balance between working time and personal time, especially for self-care. I must say I am trying to be better at taking breaks and listening to my body. I see that sometimes I don’t feel so productive even if I try to work a lot and it’s probably because I need more and proper breaks! 

Weclome to Frejac. The community of ambitious female to grow from within

We are working on building a community for ambitious females like you to develop with high awareness of emotional state. Can you share with us what draws you to Frejac and how have you personally benefited from being in a community?


What drew me to Frejac was its mission to empower women and promote mindfulness. I want to work for a company that has values that align with mine, which is exactly what I saw with Frejac. 

I have always been a big advocate for women and the art of practicing mindfulness, as I think it is extremely important to be aware of ourselves and fully present, to reflect and improve. 

I was also intrigued by the pregnancy journal, and thought that it was a cool product. I like to journal in my spare time, and the idea of having a guided journal for pregnancy is great in my opinion. 


One thing I have learned is self-development can’t happen without self-awareness. I think what makes me more interested about Frejac is the concept of creating a community for women, by women, but also its goal of helping other women going through pregnancy but also in their everyday life in general.

The time a community helped me was for sure when I moved to Sweden to start my studies. The pandemic has been quite challenging for me. It didn’t allow me to see my family more often than planned.I felt grateful to have been part of something like this that I decided to work for the student union for a year because I wanted to give something back to it.

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Many people find that lockdown has given them the opportunity to reflect on important questions. As the last question of this post, can you share with those of us who are seeking our unique path in this world: How do you want to be most remembered? 


How do I want to be most remembered? That’s a very interesting question, I think I never thought of that before...I would say I wish people remember me for being helpful, for being someone you can learn from, and also for having a good time with.


I want to be remembered for my kindness. I don’t need to be remembered for my accomplishments in this world, and even though that recognition is nice, I don’t think it's necessary. I just want people to remember me as someone who was kind to them, and helpful. If I can even impact one person's life positively, and make them glad to have known me, then I have succeeded.

How do you want to be remembered? Let's keep the discussion going and sharing your reflections during the pandemic.