5 Fertility Boosters: Pre-Pregnancy Detox to Optimise Your Pregnancy

Do you know that the word "fragrance" on the label stands for at least 3000 ingredients and can cause birth defects including child autism?

Our concern for a growing baby often starts when we get pregnant, but we should already be thinking about detox while we are getting ready to conceive. The toxic soup we live in weakens our body's detoxification system. It lowers the quality of egg and sperm, making conception harder than usual. If you are trying to conceive, a pre-pregnancy detox could give you the fertility boost you are missing. 

Toxins come in various forms. We genuinely believe that there is a mental component in conception. Chronic stress and toxic beliefs reduce the body's ability to metabolize and detoxify. Decluttering your mental space will support you in this emotional (and exciting) transition to parenthood.

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Why you should consider a pregnancy detox

Babies today are born pre-polluted. 

Environmental Working Group study found shockingly "a total of 232 toxic chemicals in umbilical cord blood, 287 different industrial chemicals, and pollutants—180 of which are known to cause cancer in humans and 217 of which are toxic to the brain and nervous system"

Considering how much your body will experience in the process of pregnancy, supporting your body in removing extra toxins can improve conception and your overall health.

Toxic beliefs about who we are and the perfectionist mindset could be the biggest obstacles for us to get where we want, particularly conception. Addressing mental toxins during a pre-pregnancy detox can empower you to approach pregnancy with a more grounded approach. It will ultimately make your transition to parenthood a lot more pleasurable too.

Start by reexamining daily choices in your environment 

Tip#1 Replace perfumed products with natural scents

  • Decide to live with fewer fragrances in your life. 
  • Look for products that use organic essential oils when you are looking for a scent.
  • Focus on cleaning up the source of odor when you do house cleaning, instead of covering up the foul smell.

Tip#2 Boost your liver to optimize detox

Your liver does an amazing amount of work each day. It detoxifies pollutants, so your body can get rid of them. The benefits of a strong natural detox system will serve you along the whole way of your pregnancy.


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Here are a few steps to support your natural detox functions

  • Eat as much organic as possible. Foods that have high levels of herbicides and pesticides that act as toxic estrogens in our body can interfere with fertility.
  • Boost bowel movement with Leafy greens, good quality proteins, and fats. Food like berries and fermented vegetables help to break down and eliminate toxins.
  • Try Milk thistle (Silybum marinanum). This herb is scientifically proven to protect and regenerate liver cells.
  • Take a Multi-mineral supplement daily as it contains the nutrients your body needs to specifically enhance or repair natural detoxification
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Tip #3 Develop uplifting beliefs

  • Accept your journey would be individual and at times unexpectable.
  • Focus on the positives with visualization exercise every morning. Our brain doesn't distinguish real from imaginary so mental rehearsal like this will make it easier for you to move towards the pregnancy you desire.
  • Start writing a gratitude journal before bed about your conception, your relationship, and pregnancy. Gratitude exercises have proven to rewire your brain to make you feel safe and calm.
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Tip #4 Establish self-care time that supports your transition

  • Say no to engagements that don't serve you.
  • Share as much or as little about your pregnancy path.
  • Schedule unplugged time with yourself and your partner. Remember the foundation of your family should be the priority too. 

Tip #5 Start with new routines that empower your journey

  • Try to incorporate mediation and breathing exercises daily. It changes the biochemistry in your brain and makes you a lot less prone to stress and anxiety.
  • Remove stimulants like caffeine and refined sugar altogether. They cause more moodiness and are dangerous for your baby. Use natural energy boost such as peppermint essential oil at times you are fatigued. Getting good sleep and exercise more offer a much more sustainable energy level.
  • Start a mindful journal to reflect upon what you eat, how your body and mind feel. Listen to yourself more attentively helps to reduce stress and identify the root cause of your discomfort. It will support yourself better with the hormone roller-coastal during pregnancy.
Start a mindful pregnancy journal to reflect upon what you eat, how your body and mind feel.
We suggest the below resources to get a jump-start on your new routines:

You have the power to impact not only your health but your baby’s health for the rest of his or her life. Support your body, your immune system, and your emotional response with these lifestyle strategies. We hope that this post inspires you with some small but practical changes you can begin to make in your life.

Above all, we send a lot of love as your embark on this exciting phase of life.

Want to learn more about whether you will need a pregnancy detox? Click here to take a simple quiz to find out.


Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and our suggestions do not replace medical advice. This result is for informational purposes only.