Everyone’s Missing This Simple Cure To The Chaotic Mind

woman in black jacket leaning her head on her fist with a face mask on

 “The Writing Cure,” stated in many studies since the 1980s have shown that writing personal and emotional daily reduces stress and improves immune functions.

Simply because the fact that handwriting is a slower process than typing makes it more therapeutic.

Stress management is the reality we deal with daily. Many stress triggers can come in total surprises as the circumstance today are so unpredictable.

Being mindful, despite is almost overused everywhere nowadays, is the enemy of stress, and it is not more complicated than picking a pen to start writing.

It’s maybe like ages since many of us have ever written down something significant by hand, if you don’t know where to start, here are 4 ways to improve your stress management:

 A white ceramics block with text "Write without fear, Edit without mercy"

Tip #1: Celebrate Progress and Learning

Your life is a journey to celebrate. It should never be a solo experience from any perspective. Find a time every day to write down all your progress and learnings of the day with your loved ones and exchange love and support with your partner within your closest circle.

Action step: Every night I like to end my day with my top 3 favorite things that happened.


Tip #2: Reflect on How YOU Feel

You are the ultimate master for your wellbeing. Actively listen to your body and your emotions and educate yourself to find creative tricks to manage stress for yourself.

Action step: Set an alarm for 1 pm. No matter what, get up, go find some quiet space, and meditate for 15 minutes.


Tip #3: Practice Gratitude

Our mind is trying to come up with solutions all the time. Even if our physical environment is calm, thoughts just don’t give it a rest at times.

Action step: Make a nightly entry in your journal before going to sleep. Write down one thing you're grateful for that happened today!


Tip #4: Practice gratitude is one way to send a signal to your brain that you are safe and secure, that you have everything you need, and can drift off peacefully.

Try to spend time writing down what you appreciate in your life, like health, friends, family, and the serenity of nature.

We believe that including simple things like that in your journal can be life-changing.

If you find yourself often stuck with worrying thoughts during this particular uncertain times, here are some questions to write down.

Action step: here are a few questions you can use to guide your gratitude:

What have you focused your energy on?

What progress you have made in your health?

What new habits you have committed to?

What contribution you have made to your loved ones?

How have you grown? 

a woman in white clothes sitting on a stripped sofa writing journal


Are you ready to tell the fear and uncertainty in your mind to take a rest?

Pick up a beautiful journal and pen of your choice and start today. 

For all of you who are expecting a baby, WHY NOT try a mindful journal together with your partner? Check out more HERE.