Must-eat Fruits to Calm Your Cravings This Summer! Delicious treats for a nutritious pregnancy



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While what you eat plays an essential role in everyday meals and life, what you cram down during pregnancy is a hundred times more important deal. For it's not only for you but also for your little one.


Amongst your plate-full of greens and hand-full of multivitamins, you mustn’t underestimate the power of a bowl-full of fruits. They are the purest form of vitamins, fibre, folic and more! But it simply doesn’t come down to a bowl of fruits, instead to the right, very well balanced intake, as required by your pregnant body.


Now this, we agree, can feel as too big of a responsibility and almost nerve-racking, especially for the first time mums. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The article, as you scroll down, lists below fruits you must make space for in your diet and devour for a nutritiously-healthy pregnancy!


-       Watermelon


Four slices of watermelon on yellow backgorund
Photo: Amy Shamblen on Unsplash 

Refreshing in taste, crunchy in every bite, Watermelon tastes like summer and oh so yum! But that’s not it. Evident from its name, Watermelon contains a great 92% of water, higher than most of the fruits and hugely helps with hydration and detoxification. Further, it soothes acidity and heartburn that are often caused by hormonal changes. It also helps with muscle cramps and encourages the healthy growth of bones and teeth of the baby.


-       Mango


Two cut mangos on a white background
Photo: Avinash Kumar on Unsplash 

As I tell all the amazing things about mangoes, let me put the “One shouldn’t eat mangoes during Pregnancy.” advice to rest and into the trash. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, Iron and additionally are a very great source of fibre and folate, a prenatal essential. Due to the presence of high amounts of sugar, mangoes are sweet in nature and can be used to settle the sugar cravings.


-       Banana


One banana on a pink background 

Photo : Deon Black on Unsplash

Rich in potassium, high in providing energy, Bananas are almost a must in your diet throughout your pregnancy. They help fight morning sickness, bloating, nausea and constipation, some of the very common but oh so annoying pregnancy turnoffs. Bananas also help lift iron levels in mums, reducing the chances of pregnancy anaemia. Because of being a low-acid fruit, bananas further aid a healthy digestive system and keep heart burns away.


-       Orange


sliced orange layering on each other
Photo : Avinash Kumar on Unsplash

Abundant in Vitamin C, folate and water, oranges are absolutely invigorating. They highly help in fulfilling the everyday fluid intake, hydrating the body and keeping it healthy. They assist with better iron absorption and prevent cell damage. The good presence of folate in the fruit helps prevent neural tube defects such as poor spinal cord development and other brain abnormalities.


-       Every-Berry


A heart shaped white bowl with berries on a white background
Photo : Jamie Street on Unsplash

Berries of all kinds are packed with high fibre, which by now you must have figured out is too important. They contain a great amount of water and keep dehydration at bay. Wealthy in antioxidants, berries make diseases, in mum and the baby, a far away possibility. Full of healthy carbohydrates, they are a great source of energy and overall, make a delicious snack! 


-       Avocado


A cut avocado an a green and yellow background
Photo : Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

Potassium powerhouse, avocado significantly helps with nausea and leg cramps, which again are very common during pregnancy. Also rich in fibre, B vitamins and good fat, they help boost up energy and contribute to healthy development of the baby’s brain and skin tissues.


-       Apple


Lots of red apples
Photo : Matheus Cenali on Unsplash

You must have heard ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. The idiom isn’t all words and very much stands true. Sweet and crunchy to eat, apples are great, great! sources of dietary fibre, and act as a huge friend for the digestive system. They are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, antioxidants and pectin. Studies say apples lower the risk of allergic diseases and asthma in the child. Also known to be packed with iron, they help prevent anaemia, by keeping the haemoglobin numbers high. 



We hope to have helped you calm your ‘what's right for the baby’, ‘what's not’, ‘what to eat’ ‘what not to eat’ anxieties. Although please remember, whilst the benefits, too much of anything can be bad, and hence the consumption must be in moderation or under the consultancy of a doctor.💛 


-Vaishaali Saxena From Frejac



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